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  • The website currently sells and promotes herbal products over the internet. These products promote a better lifestyle and helps in keeping the body healthy and at optimum health.
  • The products on this website are manufactured by different manufacturers of various origins. These products have been made available solely through this website. doesn’t hold responsibility for the quality, ability or effectiveness of the products.
  • Note that all products are herbal in nature and can be used as herbal food supplements to boost one’s diet and health. These supplements have not been scientifically tested or proven to verify the effectiveness.
  • This website is not liable for any side-effects that the user may have or any failure in achieving health goals. In case of any complaint, remember that the product liability solely rests with the products manufacturer and strictly not with the website.
  • The products found on this website are neither medicines nor drugs but mere food supplements which supplement the food and diet of the user.
  • As the user of this website, you should agree that there will be no liability on the present website for any inefficacy or defect in the herbal product. You should specifically agree that in the event of any litigation or legal proceeding, that the liability of this website should be not more than a refund amount of USD 150 ONLY. This amount will be for the purchaser only and for any loss, deficiency or injury incurred by the herbal food supplements provided by this website.
  • This website has total rights to refuse an order for a product or any of our services.


As a customer, you are responsible for providing correct information to the website so that we process your information correctly. The website will not be liable if you provide wrong information, whether address or name, due to which the order does not get shipped correctly. The dates of delivery provided on this website are only estimates. We are not liable for any delay in shipping and this is because there are 3rd parties involved in the shipping process and this makes timely delivery out of our control. The website is not responsible for any damage incurred during delivery of the products.

You, as a customer, further agree that if the product is not delivered, or is late or damaged, then you should take up the issue with the concerned carrier. You should further agree that the product(s) is for your personal use only and not for resale.

Please note that all orders will be accepted only when full payment is done. This is part of the website’s policy.


The refund policy for this website is as under: Refunds are only made for products that are sent back to us as unused. In order to qualify, the customer must provide all information as required on the website. Please note that the website will not refund for any product that is received as used by us. By ‘used’, we are referring to any deduction in quantity of the tablets/pills.

As refund, the customer will receive the refund amount minus the shipping charges.


Kindly note that you, as the customer, out of your own free will and volition, have given your personal data as well as your own credit card information to the website for the limited purposes of completing the order for the product(s) so ordered by you. Kindly note that the company will take all precautions to ensure that your information is safe. The website shall not be liable for any misuse of personal information and this includes credit card info.

You, as the customer, hereby declare that the website shall not be responsible in any way whatsoever for any misuse of your personal information, including credit card data, that may take place at any platform by any independent third party which could have connection, association or relationship with your ordering for particular product(s) on the present website.


  • It is necessary to indicate that this website is only a platform for selling various herbal products. The present website will not be liable for any product defect/product misuse/claims that are due to normal wear or misappropriation of any kind whatsoever. Under the law, you as the customer are solely responsible to consult a qualified physician/doctor/medical practitioner before consuming any of the products, ordered by you on the present website.
  • Kindly note that this website shall not be responsible for any loss/injury if professional medical advice is not taken from a qualified practitioner/doctor/physician.
  • The entire liability for any consequences that could arise in the event of your consuming or/ and taking any of the aforesaid herbal products so sold on the present website, shall be totally, absolutely and completely yours and yours only and that no other entity including the present website shall be responsible liable for any of your actions in this regard.


  • If any of these terms and conditions are determined to be illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable by reason of the laws of any state or country in which these terms are intended to be effective, then to the extent and within the jurisdiction in which that term is illegal, invalid or unenforceable, it shall be severed and deleted from these terms and the remaining terms shall survive, remain in full force and effect and continue to be binding and enforceable.
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